Broken Link Building

Waiting for email replies from website owners if you can post a guest post or get a link from their website day and night, so time and energy consuming. There is other way to get links as well, you already have them and it’s waiting for you and everyone is talking about it especially now days or maybe I heard about it now, it’s called broken link building but I call it Recycled links.

How do you find these Links?

If you have your website on Google Webmaster account then login and visit:

Health > Crawl Errors > Not Found and see how many Not Found (404) errors you have.

Screenshot from Google Webmaster
Screenshot from Google Webmaster

Next – Click on one of the URLs and click on the “Linked from” tab , you will see a list of URLs, which are linking to you , but they are sent to Not Found pages.

Screenshot from Google Webmaster 2
Screenshot from Google Webmaster 2

If you are not using Google Webmaster you can find some free broken link checker online which can help you find your broken links.

How do you fix the broken links after finding them?

  • Email the Webmaster – Request to fix the broken link , and maybe suggest the keyword you are targeting  also in the email.
  • 301 Redirect the Page – If you are not bother to email the webmaster and you are lazy then just setup a 301 redirect to your new URL.
  • 404 Page – If you can’t do the above two then creating a custom 404 error page is the best way to help visitors find the page they were looking for from the additional links on custom 404 error page rather than sending them to “File no found” error page.

If you know of any other ways of optimising those external links which are pointing to your site, please share them in the comments section below.



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