Thanks For Commenting Email Links

It’s so common to ask for a link through an email, emailing someone asking them for a link from their site and explaining why do you want the link from their site, and what’s for them, all these explanations in single email is always time consuming but that’s what link builder does and goes through every day.

By the way this topic is about how to get a link to your WordPress blog through an email when someone comments on your site using a plugin named Thank Me Later.

What does the Plugin do?

Every time someone comments on your site it sends a ‘thank you’ email to the person who has commented on the blog. You can set the time of your choice when to send an email to them.

What about the Link?

Below is the screenshot of the plugin message when you install.


Second screenshot with a line of text added asking for a link if someone has a blog or website.


Every time someone comments on your blog , this above email can be sent to them , asking for a link from their blog or website , but remember to limit the number of emails send to them, otherwise people might get annoyed.

Feel free to comment on this topic in the comments section below, and I will send you a Thank You Email.