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Read more About Title Tags

After choosing the keywords carefully you will be targeting to rank for add them to your title tags section of your website pages. Your Website Title Tag Title tags are the most important on-page factors that will help you in organic rankings. Below are some basic tips for how to optimise your title tags for your website:

  • Keep the title tags of all your pages unique, it doesn’t help you to rank if you have the same title tag on each and every page.
  • Keep the title tags of your pages shorter than 70 characters including spaces.
  • Don’t stuff all your keywords onto your title tags.

Read more About Meta description Tags

Meta description tags are used to describe the pages in a short summary to make it easier for the users to understand what the page is about to what they are looking for. Unlike the title tags, meta description tags does not help you in organic rankings but they are extremely important for click-through rates when the page is shown in search engine results to users. Below are some compiled tips on how to optimise your meta description tags for better click through for websites when they show up in search results:

  • Make sure all your Meta description tags are unique.
  • Use targeted, well researched keywords in your meta description tags, it can increase the click through rate of the page, because almost all the search engines embolds the keywords in meta description tags when it matches users search queries in search engine results.
  • Use meta description tags to add compelling and call to action description of the page.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the limit of 160 characters including spaces otherwise search engines will truncate the rest of it in search results.