content marketing

Are you writing or spending money on content for your website and not getting the traffic you were expecting?

Do you have a Content Strategy? Content Ideation Process or Calendar?

I can help you from defining your marketing strategy and value proposition if you do not have one, your target audience pain points and finding topics for content creation that resonates with your brands target audience.

Amplify your content, drive your target audience to your website and build inbound links. Let me manage your content and SEO together. I have access to Professional Copywriters, PR Consultants and Designers. I build websites myself.

content marketing services

Content Audit

Assess your website's existing content and determine how to improve pages for organic traffic and conversion. Identify thin-content pages (low quality), update or scrap the pages.

Content Ideas

Extensive research into identifying the most relevant topic in your industry, to engage your target audience. I can come up with content ideas so you don't have to stare at a blank content calendar.

Content Amplification

Promoting your content via Organic, Paid, Influencer outreach, Social Media or PR.

Audience Research

Understand how your audience is searching , what they are looking for and the type of content are they engaging with.

Content Production

Creating and developing written or visual assets, such as guides, infographics , blog posts, videos, eBooks or copy for your website. I have the experience and resources to produce any type of content.

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