SEO Audit

SEO Audit will be the first step before I start working on your website.

SEO Audit will identify all the issues with your website and give us insights into the challenges, opportunities and strategies your competitors are using to outrank your website.

The audit will cover analysis from accessibility, crawlability, indexation, content, competitor analysis and other optimisation.

The in-depth report will include analysis, recommendations and guidelines, it will be hand-compiled not created through a Free SEO audit tool.

What's Included in the seo audit?

Tehnical SEO

Review Accessibility, Indexation, Crawlability, Website Architecture and all the other technical SEO elements such as canonical tags, redirects, robots.txt, sitemap.

Backlinks Audit

Number and quality of backlinks to your website. If the backlinks are harming your website ranking in search results. Competitor backlinks strategy and the rate of acquiring links.

Keywords & Content Review

Review targeted keywords and strategic use of keywords in areas such as title tags, Headings, description and content. The structure of the content and if the keywords matches user intent.

Performance Audit

Analysis of your website performance and suggest ways to improve website load time.


It really depends on the size of the website, it shouldn’t take more than 10 days.

After the completion of the SEO Audit, there will be one-on-one meeting with your technical expert or yourself.

The report will be in a PDF file and excel sheet with all the analysis, recommendations and guidelines.

Again it depends on the size of the website and whether you need the audit to be an in-depth audit or not.

We will work on the SEO Strategy and roadmap for the coming months and how we can achieve your business goals.

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