SEO Audit Services

You already know what link building & SEO copywriting is, but do you know what’s wrong with your website?

An SEO Audit is a complete health check-up of your site. It builds a solid foundation for your future SEO Campaigns. If you have a new or redesigned site or whether you are looking for a specific solution.

What’s included in the SEO Audit?

Below is what’s includes in the SEO Audit:

•    Identifying 404 Pages (broken links)
•    Website Structure recommendations
•    Missing ALT Text
•    Site Crawl ability Issues
•    Content Analysis
•    URL Structure Analysis
•    Title , Meta , Heading tags recommendations
•    Internal Linking & Anchor Text
•    Page Inclusions & Exclusions
•    Redirect Check-ups
•    Finding Duplicate Content
•    Page Load Speed Issues
•    Code Validation
•    Competitive link Analysis

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