Why are backlinks important for SEO?

Why are backlinks important SEO

As many already know, Google has over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm, which it uses to provide search results to its users.

Since the early days of the search engine, one factor has always been hugely influential. Links from other websites to your own have always made a big difference when it comes to your Google ranking.

Links from another site in your industry act as an endorsement of your brand, they say “okay, we see what you do, and we’re willing to show search engines, and our own visitors, that you’re okay”.

Quality and relevancy

So, the number of sites and the quality of sites linking to yours is still important, and really can make a difference when it comes to SEO.

But there’s a caveat to that.

Because a link acts as an endorsement, it’s important that links come from places that are already trusted to some degree.

If there’s a website that puts out low quality, spammy, irrelevant content, that’s not the site you want to link to you.

You want links from old, trusted sites, that regularly put out useful content that’s relevant to your own industry and audience.

This spider web of links between websites is one of the main ways that Google understands the internet. In the seemingly endless sprawl of sites, one of the only ways to know what’s useful and what’s irrelevant is to look at the connections. 

It’s kind of like writing an essay. You write an essay and along the way you reference other pieces of work written by other people on the same subject. 

If someone was to scan all of the essays on physics, it’s likely that people like Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie would be deemed highly relevant, because most students will have referenced their work at one time or another.

How to build great links for your site

So how do you become Einstein? How do you become the go-to place for what you do.

The most important thing you can do is provide unique, lasting value. Take a look at your audience, and think about how you can create a resource, or use your site in a way that makes you think “Hey, somebody will have to link to this eventually”.

This could be a really useful guide related to your product, a winter trends guide if you sell clothing, a guide to apps if you sell mobile phones, or a guide to writing if you sell notepads. All that matters is that you are the person who provides this information, who is now building authority within a circle that’s making use of what you created.

You should also be different. Offer value for an audience that they can’t find on your competitor’s site. What do you know that they don’t know, and what you can you offer that they can’t offer? This is how you stand out, be found, and get linked to by somebody looking for a source of information to reference.

Make yourself useful, make yourself different, and you’ll be linkable, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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